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Why Wintech can help make outsourcing successful?

Why is it more cost effective for companies to use our sourcing services rather than trying to source product directly? What are the real reasons to outsource your manufacturing?

When an American company negotiates with an Asian vendor, it rarely gets a "Chinese price." Knowledgeable companies understand that sourcing product manufacturing in China is far more complicated than finding one or two factories to make product offshore.

A robust sourcing strategy requires the following:

First, to get the best pricing, you need Asians with a thorough knowledge of the local business culture on your side of the bargaining table. This is the premier strength of our Chinese staff.

Next, there is the issue of quality control. Even companies that place very large contracts find it more cost effective to use our product inspection professionals. This saves them the time and money of having to constantly send their staff to China, or of setting up a full time office in China to monitor this critical function.

Another key ingredient is having multiple clients that source the same general type of products which are placed with the same Chinese suppliers. This helps us get multi-client pricing discounts. It also makes it possible for us to match our clients' products with the most cost effective vendor as manufacturing and production technology changes over time.

The final component is having one of the most experienced, entrepreneurial sourcing staffs and an unparalleled network of honest, reliable and proven manufacturers in China.

This is why our clients start off with very competitive pricing and almost always avoid significant production price increases for several years or longer.

We will use these assets to help you increase the efficiency of your supply chain management system – quickly and easily. Please contact us for more information on how Wintech International can help your company with your sourcing needs.

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