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Q. Are duty and taxes included in your quote?
A. Our quote includes, unless otherwise noted, all charges for freight, duty and taxes in the piece price.

Q. Who determines which factory will be used?
A. Our customer's guidelines generally indicate what type of factory is required to manufacture their product. We will, however, select the most qualified source to ensure that all of our customers' requirements are met.

Q. Do you have an actual office in China?
A. Our Chinese office is located in Shenzhen, Goangdong province.

Q. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
A. We have no minimum order quantities but our factories in China often do not quote low volume items because of the time investment involved in taking on new customers. Smaller production runs may be accepted if the product requires assembly, packaging, and other labor intensive and value-added functions. More value-added operations translate into more cost savings. A typical minimum starting order is $5,000 and we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers with business ultimately reaching $250,000+ per year in orders.

Q. Do I have to provide an L/C at site?
A. For new customers and large orders, we may require a letter of credit. After a relationship has been developed we will review the terms and we may at our discretion extend to net 15-day or even net 30-day terms.

Q. How long has your company been in business?
A. Over 8 Years.

Q. What is your company's philosophy regarding quality?
A.  We provide all levels of inspection and quality assurance. Our commitment is to inspect and qualify components and products the way you would if your QA department were in the China facility.

Q. If there was a defect in one, or some, of the units - how does your company prefer to handle them?
A. We will follow through with production only after the customer has approved first article samples. All parts go through three levels of inspection before they are submitted for customer approval: (1) China factory inspection (2) Wintech China office inspection (3) Customer inspection. If there is a defect, we will consult with our engineers and the customer on the best way to solve the problem and corrections will be made at the factory. For any defective product that reaches our customers, we will discuss the best method for resolution including monetary allowances.

Q. What is your company's standard response time to quotes?
A. RFQ response time depends on the product. The average quote time is 7-14 days.

Q. What do you like to see in the quote package?
A. Your quote package should include: Detailed drawings, at lest 3 samples of the product, estimated annual volume and lot sizes, target costs, estimated award date, potential manufacturing concerns.

Q. Why should we choose your company over the next?
A. You should choose Wintech because we are a full-service company that makes outsourcing to China easy and risk free. Our best customers are often those who have tried to go to China on their own before and failed. We can provide a substantial cost savings over most competitors and you deal directly with a U.S. company that makes China transparent to you. References available upon request.

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