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How do I get started?

The key to setting up a successful strategic sourcing service is to do it in a way that limits risks and makes any transition as seamless as possible. These are the steps we suggest you take to start manufacturing in China as quickly, and efficiently as is possible.
  1. Pick one of your existing products that has a long run and requires the most labor, assembly work and/or packaging costs. Remember, commodity prices (of plastic, metal, etc.) are about the same any where in the world. So, the best items for offshore manufacturing are those that require the most labor and require a lot steps to make. In addition, the item should be easily containerized so you don’t wind up having to ship a lot of air.
  2. Send us a RFQ for a partial run of that product. Send the RFQ to service@mywintech.com . Include with it, detailed electronic drawings and 4-5 samples of the product so the companies that are quoting your manufacturing in China job will know exactly the quality standards you expect. Also include yearly volume figures you will be ordering once the initial test runs prove successful.
  3. Next, we will send the electronic drawings and pictures to two of our offices in China so they can get relatively accurate offshore manufacturing quotes from two or three different China manufacturers. This process should take about 2 weeks.
  4. Once we give you the quote, you can then decide whether you want to proceed to the next step. If you do, we will send the samples to the manufacturers in China so they will know the exact quality standards you require.
  5. If you decide to move to the next step, a sample order is required to get things started. We usually prefer to have a trail production order (for a small quantity) go to with the sample order. This will make the project in a much higher priority level. If tooling is required, you will need to pay the tooling cost only after the prototype parts are made and been approved by your QC department. You will find that Chinese tooling prices are very reasonable.
  6. Once the first article is approved, you pay the tooling cost and we will get the Chinese company to make a limited first run of the product per the trail production order.
  7. Once all of the manufacturing kinks are worked out, then you can increase the runs of your product to half of the annual quantity (split order between local and China supplier). If the product from China proves to be consistently good, you can then increase the runs again until it is completely made through offshore manufacturing thereby maximizing your cost savings.
  8. Once we are successfully making one of your products we will visit your offices and assess any other potential products for global sourcing. We will advise you on the products that will make the most sense to outsource with China manufacturers.
By using this manufacturing strategy, you keep your risks to an absolute minimum. You also don’t risk disturbing your production schedule because, in the beginning, you will only be making a portion of the product you use each year.

Please contact us for more information on how Wintech International can help your company with your global sourcing needs.

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